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More about the Ngage Toolkit – Helping your service to engage young people better

Welcome to the Ngage Assessment Toolkit…

Ngage provides a full-featured, quick ‘First Line’ Assessment, ideal for gathering all the most important safeguarding information on a young person, alongside a range of assessment tools that provide young people opportunities to identify concerns in all areas of their life in an intuitive and limitlessly interactive way.

Creating reports, recommended actions and referrals direct to specialist support, right within the application, alongside ongoing check-ins for evaluating the changing picture in the young person's life.  Streamline your worker’s skills and processes using Ngage and you will get so much more than just a brilliant engaging experience for young people - available on all web-connected devices, you will get a full multi-agency, collaborative assessment, reporting and referral system across all the services you use, right there within the app, in response to the assessment.  CAFs are simplified and thorough and the tools are compatible for supporting wide range existing statutory assessment frameworks and schedules.

This CAF-compliant generic risk behaviour and safeguarding assessment covers key questions in all areas.

The Ngage suite of tools

All your assessment needs All young people's assessment needs All in one place

The Ngage Toolkit enables workers to interact with individual young people to explore and assess their needs in relation to potential risk in their lives…

This intuitive data collection system provides a tried and tested process to engage young people, putting them in control of telling their story in their own intuitive way. It enables workers to use their engagement skills more effectively, guiding them through a wide area of professional concerns, collecting complex, relevant information in a simple straightforward way. The tool collects, collates, enables the review and sharing of a wide range of required data making it ideal to support your service assessments including the CAF.

Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs & Alcohol (DATA)

Sex and Relationships

Sex & Relationships (SARA)

Family and Community

Family & Community

Physical Health

Physical Health

Mental and Emotional Health

Mental & Emotional Health

Work and Learning

Work & Learning

Behavior and Offending

Behavior ⁄ Offending

Things that make me strong

Things That Make Me Strong

Additional tools can be purchased to assist in specialist assessments including the DATA Drug and Alcohol Triage Assessment and SARA Sexual and Relationships Assessment alongside full featured assessments for Work and Learning, Behaviour and Offending, Physical Healthcheck, Mental and Emotional Health, Family and Community issues and other risk activities including Internet and online behaviours.

Individual secure assessments allow multiple passes, enabling workers to build a picture up over time and evaluate the impact of interventions. More information on the toolkit

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Buy accredited PSHE resources and training for substances and more.

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Conduct an anonymous group baseline survey to establish prevalence and educational learning targets for teaching about managing risky behaviours and situations.

Great for educators, as a baseline, planning and assessment tool for PSHE.

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A complete whole school standard and resources programme to address drug and alcohol issues through early intervention, policy and education.